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Achal Khanna

Achal Khanna


As we examine the future of work, the potential impression that HR's leadership can make in ensuring business success is immense. In keeping with our belief that HR has the power and the responsibility to advance the very nature of business to create better workplaces and ultimately, a better world, SHRM’s new brand initiative: Cause the Effect focuses on the new horizon of the world of work, and seeks to actively influence the landscape of business.

The workforce, and the workplace, is changing at a pace faster than ever before, and to deliver maximum impact on results and effectively align teams and talent with the organization's strategic plans, leaders must deeply understand the business, focus strategically, understand how to influence change, and play a key role in solving business problems. Join this session to be able to thrive in the business environment of the future by exploring progressive ways to evolve and disrupt traditional business practices, while building the relationships and influence necessary to gain approval and executive support.

There is a direct and measurable relationship between employee engagement and an organization's success. Employees who know that they are working towards goals that drive business outcomes, as well as their own goals for professional growth and learning, develop ownership in the organization's success that boosts employee engagement. Join this session to connect the dots from organization goals to job descriptions to individual goals, learn the different goal types and measures, and see how ongoing coaching and feedback leads to a more effective performance review process.

While technology is undoubtedly among the leading factors impacting business disruption, it often takes a lot more than technology alone to ensure business success. The pandemic has accelerated the trend where organizations need to also consider the human side, to make digital transformation succeed. Leaders need to ensure the right digital culture and the way its people interact with technology for digital success. This session will explore actionable insights for leaders to improve digital leadership and culture in their organizations.

In the hybrid workplace, new technologies and rapidly evolving work demands arrive at a dizzying pace. New employment arrangements and global platforms for work are now the new normal. Salary, scheduling flexibility, interactions with teammates and supervisors, and access to paid leave are among the factors that impact our work experiences, which then impact organizational performance and outcomes. This session examines the massive transformation that has come to influence the HR landscape, which in turn will be a critical variable for future business success and growth.

If there were any boundaries between work and life remaining, those were shattered as our work entered our homes on a more full-time (or over-time!) basis. And weren't we saying we were too busy before all of this? HR professionals are being stretched to the limit, and burnout is just around the corner if we can't find and maintain balance in our lives. This session is a fresh breath of air for you to set boundaries, preserve your energy, and banish burnout once and for all, to reengage with meaningful work.

The hybrid workplace has brought in the realization that blended learning is a common-sense concept that results in great learning success. The blended learning approach is a lot more than simply acknowledging that one size doesn’t fit all when it comes to training. Blended learning can be a big advantage since more than one training method to train on one subject is utilized. Hear from experts on how the upskilling and reskilling requirements can be met aided by technology.

Cultivating a strong company culture is more important than ever, especially with more teams working remotely and organizations are on a mission to reduce the stress of today's workforce and help them find a work life balance to improve their overall wellbeing. Beyond this, the need to ensure financial wellbeing of employees has gained popularity in recent times. In this session, know more about the benefits Financial Inclusion, Earned Wage Access (EWA), and how technology can help implement such benefits.

In the digital age where everything is driven by technology, social media, and our devices, employees still feel distant from their organization and their peers. As businesses continue to require more information and leveraging things like artificial intelligence and predictive analytics, it's time we question our ethics and what transparency really means in the world of work. In this session, know more about the dangers of secrecy in the workplace, what ethical transparency means, and how it can help improve the bottom-line.

As conversations surrounding mental health in the workplace are becoming increasingly commonplace, a leader's role takes on an even greater meaning in an effort to foster a culture of psychological safety. In this session, participants will explore five common THINKING TRAPS that can be roadblocks for ourselves and for our direct reports, and discover the ESCAPE ROUTE strategies to empower others to successfully identify and avoid these thinking traps, and allow a culture of psychological safety to thrive.

Mental health awareness is on the rise, and it’s more important than ever for companies to prioritize employee well-being and mental health. This presents unique challenges and opportunities for HR, going beyond just providing mental health options to creating a workplace in which all employees truly feel supported by employers. During this session, know how we can shift awareness into action when it comes to mental health in the workplace.

At work, we use phrases like "we want you to buy in" or "we just need you to own it." What exactly that means looks different to everyone. This message brings objectivity to those subjective ideas. Every workplace has Owners, Renters, and Vandals. Owners make big commitments, continually increase value, reach for responsibility, include others, and see the big picture. Shaping an environment, whether in-person or remote, where everyone wants to invest their best daily transforms culture! This message equips you with language, understanding, and tactical next steps.

Most people are inclined to put their energy into dealing with what's right in front of them-that is, what needs to be done today. But when it comes to the future workforce, prioritizing the here and now is not the optimal strategy. To keep pace with the anticipated demands and priority shifts of the next decade, organizations must start actively engaging in developing workforces today. In this session, know how leaders can combine this information with key leadership skills in order to engage their current workforce and motivate them to up their game.

Cultivating a strong company culture is more important than ever, especially with more teams working remotely and organizations are on a mission to reduce the stress of today's workforce and help them find a work life balance to improve their overall wellbeing. In this session, know more about the benefits of mindfulness at work, how to invest in the mental health of employees working remotely, and how technology can simultaneously enhance company culture and wellbeing.

Healthcare continues to be a mission-critical issue for organizations around the world. As we continue to reel under the impact of the COVID-19 global pandemic, challenges persist for both employers and employees. For HR in particular, strategizing and implementing policies to ensure a safe work environment—whether it’s working from home or in the office—has become the norm. This session discusses how, in the midst of the turnover tsunami, offering the right mix of health care and other benefits, is more important than ever for attracting job seekers and retaining current employees.

While referring to Technology and the Future of Work, it's only fair that organizations ponder over which path to adopt. Some experts predict a dystopia with high employee dissatisfaction caused by technology overdose, while others foresee a utopia where technology plays the role of a saviour in our lives. The determining factor would be how the world of work and its support system would respond to the ever-changing scenario. This session discusses perspectives associated with the need for WorkTech innovation and its ramifications.

Stories resonate and stick with the audience in ways that data alone does not. When it comes to presenting data effectively, the use of pictures and story-telling cannot be emphasized enough. Know more about eliminating clutter, building credibility and ultimately driving audiences to understand and act, as part of this session.

Change and innovation and reacting to pandemic with a new work environmental creates conflict - and must be dealt with in a healthy way. This is even more difficult in a 'distributed workforce' environment. By using a systematic approach to identifying and disarming challenging fellow employees, it is possible to eliminate roadblocks and build a high performing culture. In this session, participants will learn a systematic approach on how to deal with a range of personality types, and how to use training as a lever to rebuild organizational culture.

Understandably, managers are the greatest drivers of engagement for their direct reports. People join companies, but leave managers. With the Great Resignation raging on, modern management is all about empowering teams and retaining top performers. In this session, you'll learn how to build a high-performing and engaged team that can tackle any business challenge, any day.

What are the factors which lead to success in life? Not just financially, but in all the areas of our life; in our relationships, in our health, and in our career. This is a question for which we would all like to receive some answers. In this fast paced and humorous seminar, you will explore a new dimension for success and discover the three pillars of emotional intelligence which are highly linked to personal and professional accomplishment. This session will help you understand how well you manage yourself, motivate yourself, and manage other people.

Empathy is a critical HR leadership skill. It helps to build and sustain positive workplace relationships, foster diversity and inclusion, encourage cooperation and collaboration, and facilitate conflict management. Empathy generates an appreciation for others, paving the way to more productive working relationships. As managers realize the need to hone empathic leadership skills, improve leadership effectiveness and increase their organizational culture, this session explores ways to create a culture of empathy to have a pulse on your team and provide insights on how to meet the needs of your employees.



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