Keith Jones & Tessa Sharp

Executive Partners & Co-founders Alchemy Worldwide – Leaders in Transformative Facilitation

Keith Jones and Tessa Sharp are professional facilitators with a background in applied psychology and business. With 60 years combined experience working with leaders in 40+ countries, they have developed a new approach to organisational learning and human transformation, addressing the complexities of embedding and integrating behavioural change.
Their award-winning book PROVOKE; The Art of Transformative Facilitation – creating dynamic learning in the corporate world highlights their approach. Rigorously researched and practitioner oriented, they unapologetically encourage commissioners and practitioners alike to reflect on the established orthodoxy of corporate learning as a means to navigate the very real potential of this highly dynamic and complex field.

Keith and Tessa interviewed many senior leaders in Fortune 500 companies and asked them what significant pieces of learning had contributed to their leadership success? Many cited experiences, (rather than formal training), that had directly shaped their ability to thrive in their senior roles today. This led the authors into an inquiry into the nature and psychology of adult human transformation and what contributes directly to the creation of sustainable and meaningful learning. Over the years, clients commented on the difference of Keith and Tessa’s approach and the impact it had on the senior participants they worked with.

Their work and their writing is changing the nature of the conversation about how adult human beings truly learn and thrive through engaging all aspects of one’s intelligence; cognition, emotion, feelings, sensations, intuition and will.

“Humbling and awe-inspiring in equal measure, this journey has changed the way we talk about leadership and learning, with an increased focus on accessing the deeply personal nature of authenticity and integrity for each and every learner, and a clear route-map of how to get there.”
Keith Jones